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 ABTRAC Management System

Keeping a complex voice and data network under technical control is a challenge in itself. Insuring that the network operates at the lowest overall cost adds yet another level of difficulty.

If your company demands allegiance to the bottom line, as most companies do today, then cost performance is a major part of your telecom management strategy. That's why telecom and finance departments are joining together to implement solutions like the ABTRAC Management Systems.

Management of telecom network information is often a chaotic affair, with data elements coming in multiple formats from a wide range of sources such as contracts, invoices, Customer Service Records and more. Without a tool to automatically input, analyze and report this data, managers can be overwhelmed by the time and labor required to deliver acceptable results.


ABTRAC is a feature-rich software package that allows you to maintain location inventories of voice and data circuitry. If you enlist ABCOR Services to perform an engagement to inventory your telecommunications circuitry, this software will be made available to you. ABTRAC is a powerful enterprise solution to straightening out your telecom landscape. The ABTRAC Management Systems will deliver the performance required to fully organize and manage your telecom services in each of the following areas;
  • Validate Billing Accuracy
  • Authenticate and Consolidate Circuit and Service Inventory
  • Allocate Costs Across the Enterprise
  • Accelerate Approvals and Payments
  • Automate Contract Management
  • Communicate And Report Telecom Information

ABCOR Services uses this technology to facilitate the audits that it is contracted to perform.


Installation is very fast and simple.   At the end of the ABTRAC implementation, you will be able to manage all of your Analog Lines, Data Circuits, Location Information, Local Telephone Company contacts, DID Blocks, Feature Codes, IT Contacts for a location, Management Contacts for a locations and be forever rid of countless binders filled with useless printed documentation that is immediately outdated once it is produced!

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