ASAP has mastered information management - the most complete, detailed information in an easy-to-use, customizable format.

ASAP can integrate all your current systems - POS, financials, back office or ERP - preserving your investment and saving you money.

 ASP Solutions

ABCOR Services has helped distribution and direct sales companies gain greater control over their operations while significantly reducing their labor, IT, and administrative costs. The results have been profound. Read what our customers are saying:

  • returns of over 10 times the investment
  • paybacks oftentimes of less than one year
  • savings of 1-2 percentage points in food cost
  • improvements in productivity
  • reductions of 95% in administrative time and cost
  • identification of theft and waste
  • reduction of overtime
  • increase in sales
  • greater control over operations

ABCOR Services is unique in our approach. We utilize a tier one distribution software to filter, analyze and present just the key information you need – then present it in the way you can use it best: Customized Reports; Internet Browsing of key performance drivers on your computer.

ASAP saves you time, gets you right to the issues and allows you to impact your business with informed decision-making. We call this Serving Smart Information. How much is it worth to you to have Smart Information at your fingertips? You might ask instead – what is the cost to my business if I don't have it?

What makes ABCOR  different from other information management companies serving the distribution  industry?
ABCOR Services  was one of the early pioneers of ASPs to the distribution industry. We recognized very early the benefits that this approach could bring to distributors in cost savings, real time information, web access anytime, from anywhere, and access to the latest technology without the up-front investment. We have been implementing IT solutions for customers in the distribution industry since 1999 and have the experience across distribution industry to understand the issues around implementation, change management and the technology itself. We focus exclusively on the distribution industry so you can be assured that we understand the complexities of running a multi-centered distribution operation. We provide state-of-the-art applications with our proprietary business intelligence and portal products, ASAP™ and by partnering with other software companies to provide you with the products and services that best meet your business needs.

Why buy ASAP™ when I can build my own business intelligence tool or portal?
Deployment and implementation is much faster because ABCOR products and solutions are already built and field tested.
We leverage our knowledge across our installed base so that you don't have to "reinvent the wheel".
We are typically 30-50% lower in cost or more, compared to internally developed solutions.
We can meet your budget with predictable, low monthly IT costs that take the risk out of your forecasting.

How long does it take to deploy ASAP™?
ABCOR can deploy these solutions in a minimal amount of time throughout your distribution centers and at your regional or corporate offices because they are already built and tested with live customers in real environments. You avoid the internal development time, budget and headaches and more quickly realize the benefit of these applications. Typical implementations are at 30-90 days.

How many users can ASAP™ support?
In the tens of thousands because of the underlying technology, the use of one centralized database and the Internet for delivery of information between users.

Do I have to reformat all of my data in my current systems when I implement a product or service?
No, we integrate across your existing systems including POS, financials, ERP, back office, payroll, etc., so manual reformatting is unnecessary.

Will you integrate with my existing systems and applications?
Yes, we integrate across most legacy and back-office systems and applications including POS, inventory, labor, purchasing, cash management, financials, human resources, ERP, and purchasing.

What are the advantages of your centralized, enterprise approach?
The technology structure utilizes one centralized database which has multiple benefits:
Simplifies the technology infrastructure at the store and the technical support required.
No more multiple databases to manage at each of your stores and offices.
Changes and updates can be deployed immediately throughout all stores with one change to the database instead of the change having to be made at each store. You have greater control over the quality of your business information.
Simplifies integration across all your systems.
Reduces costs.

What happens if I get a new point-of-sale system?
Since our applications and systems are POS neutral, you can move your applications to a new POS system without impacting your ASAP™ applications or integrations.

What type of training do you provide?
We provide three formats for user training including: instructor-led, train the trainer, and on-line training. Instructor-led training and train the trainer are provided on-site at your location(s), our corporate office or a local training facility.

What type of help desk support do you provide?
Our help desk provides user support 24/7. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CST. Evenings and weekends are covered by pager and telephone.

Compared to my current in-house system, what cost savings would I achieve by going to the ASP model?
Capital investment savings in hardware, software licenses, software upgrades, service contracts. Operational cost savings include help desk, training, ongoing maintenance and support, and administrative efficiencies.
IT costs lower development, user support, help desk and maintenance costs; fewer IT resources needed. Savings can be up to 30-50% of current IT costs, or more.
Administrative time – clients have experienced up to 95% savings in administrative time and cost.
Productivity – increases in sales per employee through better management of labor and optimizing sales opportunities.
Sales – timely and accurate reports and alerts have enabled restaurant chains to drive incremental sales by focusing on key drivers of sales – by product, day part, etc.

How do I calculate my estimated return?
ABCOR Services can help you calculate your ROI and your total cost of ownership. Just contact us for a free ROI analysis.

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