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 Cell Phone Maximization
The META Group states that "Only 10% of on monthly expenses by optimizing employee rate plans". That's because until now, it was a nearly impossible task to find the correct match between individual users and the over 8,000 available plan selections.
Many available plans are no longer published or promoted
Simple summary analysis can't match computerized detail analysis
Usage patterns and plans change simultaneously

Today, ABCOR Services offers a reliable, cost-effective service to uncover immediate and dramatic savings of 15% or more on wireless services. Our service is so effective it produces an average annual savings of $28,000 per 100 phones analyzed!

Using our proven methodology, we drill into your billing and call data, then match each user with the most appropriate plan from the carriers you are already using. There is no carrier switching or phone number changes to deal with, just big savings.

Service and Savings
ABCOR Services delivers a turnkey solution. We handle the entire process from start to finish, taking the pain out of the countless hours required to oversee the thousands of available plans and the thick pile of complex billing statements.

Our "Wireless Savings Report" provides our clients with specific plan change recommendations from the thousands available. ABCOR Services then works with the carriers to perform and confirm the approved plan changes immediately.

We even provide insight into areas where your business can further reduce expense and render control over how wireless is used. The result is real savings within 30 days! Please contact us for more information today.

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