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 Contract Maximization

Information is power. And the carriers unfortunately have more than you do when it comes to driving contract terms. Going into a negotiation they already know their "best deal" based on your company's size and needs. But as a company that only occasionally addresses contract issues, can you say the same?

Our in-depth experience allows us to eliminate the carrier's built-in advantage in negotiating telecom contracts.

  Ensure Lowest Pricing - Find lowest possible rates and tariffs from the thousands available. We are skilled at uncovering unpublished tariffs that closely match your individual situation.

  Minimize Encumbrances - Streamline agreements to ensure that access to savings is not hampered by restrictive commitments for credit, volume or contract duration.

  Tighten SLAs - Ensure that carrier SLAs reflect the real needs of our client's telecom infrastructure and create real accountability for performance at the carrier level.

  Improve Vendor Selection - Evaluate the opportunity to use fewer, more or better vendors to meet the unique needs of each client's telecom strategy.

  Reduce Negotiation Time - Ensure that in a volatile market, contracts do not require the wasted effort of constant renegotiation to provide effective terms.

Our Knowledge Becomes Your Competitive Advantage

We've seen thousands of current telecom contracts, so we know what rates and terms can be negotiated. We also know the ways that carriers try to mask the best tariff options and terms to hold the upper-hand. ABCOR levels the playing field, allowing our clients to emerge with the best possible contract prices and terms for their unique needs.

Key Stages for Contract Success

Here are the critical support elements we offer to maximize your advantages. You can choose to engage ABCOR for one or all of these components based upon your unique situation.

  Analysis - Study your current agreements and usage patterns. Develop a "Contract Roadmap" with opportunities for improvement and the steps needed to make them happen.

  Generate Requirements - A comprehensive outline of your telecom infrastructure including voice, data, calling card, conferencing, paging, dedicated access and more to create the "Demand Set" carriers must respond to.

  Qualify Appropriate Vendors - Generate a list of suitable vendors based upon client's unique requirements.

  Negotiate Contracts - This stage may or may not include an RFP, based on client's needs. ABCOR can capably serve as the lead, partner or background resource in negotiations.

  Service Implementation - Our technical expertise in network engineering and design means that if needed, we can follow up our contracts with expert implementation services.

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