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Technology is advancing so rapidly these days it is often difficult to keep up with all of your Information Technology objectives.

Your business depends on the effectiveness of your IT solutions. You need a trusted advisor that can cost-effectively plan, build, and optimize your solutions -- to ensure that they deliver measurable benefits.

That trusted advisor is ABCOR Services. ABCOR Services offers best-in-class consulting, implementation, and optimization services to minimize risk -- and maximize return on investment.

With ABCOR Services consulting, you can unlock the full potential of your solutions by planning, building, and optimizing for long-term success. And benefit from a breadth and depth of services to ensure that your solutions meet your most critical needs.

ABCOR Services consulting takes responsibility for the success of your solutions throughout their life cycle. It brings together IT experts, product development, and certified partners to provide a single point of contact. And consistent services and methodologies around the world.

From business consulting and implementation to operations and continuous improvement, ABCOR Services consulting covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure:

  • Strategic consulting services -- Ensure that your IT infrastructure supports your business goals
  • Solution delivery services -- Get your solutions up and running quickly and cost-effectively
  • Operations services -- Help your solution grow and adapt with your needs
  • Life-cycle management services -- Cover every phase of deploying and operating your solution

ABCOR Services provides experienced Information Technology consultants at a reasonable client cost. From project supplementation to full-scale software implementations, our staff has the technical experience and practical hands-on knowledge to get the job done. The following are the five IT solution areas that ABCOR Services provides service expertise.

Strategic Level Solutions

In today’s complex IT world, organizations increasingly need to assess the impact of business issues on their technology environment and vice versa.
The first of our five business units is Strategic Level Solutions, which helps clients identify their critical objectives and formulate integrated people, process and technology solutions to improve their business.  We often help assess the impact of those solutions on our client’s businesses, to ensure their IT investment is maximized.
Strategic Level Solutions draws on competencies in six areas to understand our clients’ business issues and formulate strategies to address them.
These six practice areas are strategy, information architecture, organization, program management, process and industry consulting.
We look at the information architecture of a company and recommend technologies to assure client business objectives are met while making certain we leverage valuable legacy systems.  At the same time, we map out the processes for change to determine how they will affect the organization and its people.  We employ change management methodology to smooth the transition.

Once a solution has been identified, either by the client or with the help of our Strategic Level Solutions consultants, ABCOR Services four  other business units assist in the implementation of that strategy.

Enterprise Wide Software Solutions (ERP)

When package software is the best alternative, our Enterprise Software Solutions business unit helps clients select and implement products such as SAP, JD Edwards, Daly.commerce, FreightPro, and Oracle.
We have teams devoted to particular software packages to help clients rapidly implement and begin using these applications.

To ensure our ability to make unbiased recommendations to our clients while evaluating packages, our implementation teams are separate and distinct from our evaluation teams.

ABCOR Services continually seeks input from the market to identify new and emerging software.   Based on this input as well as our clients’ needs, we build new implementation capabilities. 

Our implementation methodology focuses on developing user-led teams and encourages clients to drive the decision-making process. 

The result is rapid and effective implementations with maximum system acceptance because clients take ownership of the solution from project inception through rollout.  Combined with end-user training, quality assurance and organizational change management, ABCOR Services is a single source to meet all of your package software implementation needs. 

Custom Applications

Although many companies are finding that package software products meet their needs, requirements sometimes dictate the need for customized solutions. 

Our Custom Applications business unit creates applications across multiple platforms and products.  These range from unique departmental solutions to complex systems that support an entire enterprise.


This solution area focuses on emerging technologies. They work with companies to bring more value to the companies IT department. E-Solutions offers expertise in all E-Commerce areas, i.e., B2B, B2C,Client/Server, Web Development, CRM, SFA, Internet, and Supply Chain Management. E-Solutions develops solutions that change the way that companies do business. They work very close with the Strategic Level Solutions group.

LAN/WAN Applications

No company stands alone in the world today -- we all need to be connected. 

Businesses increasingly rely upon network- enabled solutions -- including the Internet and groupware applications -- that allow people to work collaboratively, regardless of geographic location.

Our Network Infrastructure Solutions business unit helps clients address the issue of connecting people to people and business to business.  We help clients develop connectivity through our expertise in network design and management, collaborative computing, Internet and electronic commerce strategies.

We have practices dedicated to network engineering and support, electronic commerce technologies and collaborative tools such as Windows2000, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.  Our specialists work with LAN/WAN infrastructures, the development and implementation of EDI/EC strategies and the application of Internet/Intranet platforms.


As you have seen, our business model focuses our resources to deliver value to our clients.   We can develop and implement IT strategies but are also flexible enough to enter the process at any point in its lifecycle. 

This is a small view into the service area of ABCOR Services – our services and strategies, and a sense of our culture. Since consulting is such a personal business and you want to make the right selection for your company, all of these are important factors to consider when choosing an IT services provider.

ABCOR Services was founded with one mission in mind: to help our clients use  information technology as a more effective business tool.  We focus on delivering superior information technology solutions for our clients. We create value for our clients.

We take pride in employing the top professionals in the IT industry to better serve our clients. And we drive our growth while improving quality, to ensure that we will continue as a valuable partner to our clients.

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