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 Network Maximization
Telecom overspending isn't limited to billing and service errors. The network itself may be costing too much, either through inefficiencies in design, or through performance failures that consume valuable human resources. With employee turnover, budget restrictions and rapidly evolving network needs, many companies struggle to maintain proper control over this critical function.

ABCOR Services brings a rich portfolio of technical success to the table when working to improve your telecom network infrastructure.

  Design and deploy network elements
  Upgrade technologies and equipment
  Network documentation

Because our overall company focus is telecom cost management, we are keenly aware of providing services and recommendations that save you money while improving performance. And, as with all our services, ABCOR Services is 100% independent of carriers and hardware/software vendors.

ABCOR Services understands the length and breadth of network issues. Whether you need total project management, sophisticated network mapping and documentation, or some targeted technical advice, we can provide services to match your needs. We have experience with all the following network components:
  Transmission Systems
Fiber, copper and microwave
DS1, DS3 and CEPT
    Network Management Systems
Toll Fraud
Call Detail Recording
Disaster Recovery
Traffic Management
  Voice Communications
Digital PBX and Tandem Switching Networks
Voice Mail Systems
Call Detail and Station Message Detail Recording Systems
Private Switch E911 Solutions
Call Centers and Automatic Call Distribution Systems
Audio Conferencing Solutions
    Data Communications
Telemetry Networks
Frame Relay
Point -To-Point and Multi-Point Networks
Video Conferencing

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