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 Telecom Analysis
As a company grows and changes, its telecom services get more complex. It's easy for unnecessary billing and service errors to creep into the picture. And those errors will continue to erode your profits until action is taken to correct the situation.

The impact of common errors such as these can be staggering:
  Services not requested, but being billed
  Discontinued phone and data services still being billed
  Unused or underused circuits and services
  Variations between contractual terms and actual billing rates
  Improper long distance selection

Find the "AS IS"

The purpose of this offering is right in the name - to set the baseline for accurate billing and service delivery. We identify complicated billing and service errors that have gone unnoticed, uncover overpayments, and arrange for credits into your account. Without changing providers, our experienced auditors can significantly lower your telecom spending.

Unwarranted Expenses

Some of your savings will come from recovering billing errors, some will come from identifying unnecessary circuits and services you are needlessly paying for. Combined, they will have a significant impact on your bottom line. Best of all, our proprietary audit processes are designed to simplify your day-to-day telecom management efforts, with no disruption of ongoing business activities.

Savings and More

An ABCOR Services audit delivers much more than just savings. The progress of your audit is tracked and reported on a regular schedule from start to finish. Each audit finding is meticulously detailed, then validated by you for accuracy.

Upon completion of the audit we present a comprehensive Service Inventory Report that details all of the vendors, circuits and services we have audited, providing a critical value-added tool for your ongoing internal telecom cost management.

If you are interested in recovering previous overpayments while also reducing your future costs, please contact us today for complete information on our Complete Enterprise Telecom Analysis.


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