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 Telecom Solutions
Simply stated, most businesses overspend for voice and data telecom services. And, given the huge outlay for telecommunications in today's digital world, those excess costs often lead to notably reduced bottom line results.

ABCOR Services is a national force in telecom expense management, delivering significant cost reductions to our clients while simultaneously improving their overall telecom landscape. Each of our powerful cost-saving services can be individually selected or bundled together to address your unique telecommunications management needs.

You've Got To Draw The Line Somewhere

We always draw it at YOUR bottom line. So if your business spends any money for telecom services, please contact us today to learn more about how ABCOR Services can help you draw the line on excessive telecom spending.

ABCOR Services, LLC is an American based unbiased solution provider for Telecom services. We work with companies everyday to make sure that they are utilizing telecommunications to it's fullest potential. 

To make ABCOR technology work  for you, review our service offerings and contact us for any questions you might have. We are dedicated to helping your firm Telecom technology as a formidable competitive weapon.

ABCOR Services has but one mission - to make telecom less expensive for our clients. We are 100% unbiased independent of carriers and highly professional in all aspects of our business. We understand that each client has unique needs, so we offer a suite of unique and powerful services to generate the savings your company expects and deserves.

Enterprise Wide Telecom Analysis
Save by correcting and recovering billing and service errors.
Carrier Contract Maximization
Save by eliminating the carrier's advantage in negotiating critical contract terms and prices.

Cell Phone Services Maximization
Save by reducing plan costs
without changing carriers.

Network Technical Services
Save by designing and reconfiguring networks for optimum performance and lowest cost.
 ABTRAC Management System
Save by implementing a powerful telecom management system to validate billing accuracy, consolidate network information, allocate costs, simplify access.


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